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(гость )
2009/03/04 21:03
tourism bisness in Qatar архив 

Hey!!sorry dont have a russian translation.
how is tourism business going in Qatar??I just finish university, major: tourism business.(was working in america also )is it possible to find work in such field in qatar??Thanks:):)

2009/03/05 06:59
Re: tourism bisness in Qatar new [re: angelaa]архив 

Everything is possible in life , you just need desrve it :)
There is a turism business in Qatar, but not very improved yet....
Try your self in UAE, more opportunities are there...
Good luck

2009/03/05 12:08
Re: tourism bisness in Qatar new [re: Andrey35]архив 

But if you compare the current situation in UAE with Qatar over there is a bit quit, lets say dead time, as i know.

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