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2008/08/04 23:24
Russian Lessons Обратить на это сообщение внимание Модератораархив 

First of all, please allow me to apoligise for writing in English, I understand it could be considered arrogant and rude on a Russian speaking forum, so I hope you will forgive me and understand that I don't consider my Russian good enough to address you.

I'm moving out to Qatar in a few weeks time from the UK. Over here I have a close group of friends, many of whom are from an assortment of places across Eastern Europe. As a result of this I've been taught bits and pieces of Slovak, Czech and Russian from my friends, and spent a year on a beginners Russian course at university.

I'm keen to continue to try and learn while I'm in Qatar, but I imagine that Russian language courses are hardly in high demand over there!

I was wondering if there is anyone here who would be willing to offer me Russian tuition on a regular basis. I'm willing to pay a suitible fee, and although I'll be based in Dukhan, if necessary I'll travel to Doha (although someone in Dukhan would be preferable)


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