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2010/07/09 23:14
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British Expats Hosting – New and Used Clothing & Household Goods Sale to Ladies with Style...................Part II
If you thought Part I was good ... brace yourself!!
That’s right all you fashionata’s; in response to your demand, we have agreed to host Part II. That’s right, a one day sale of new and used 'premium, pre-owned, prized' luxury and high street goods.
If you missed Part I, we can assure you that Part II will make you smile. Prepare to walk away with many bargain delights. Line-up includes shoes, clothes, handbags and accessories. There are also a number of household items on like fridges, tables, washing machine, dryers, treadmill, beds, beddings and kitchen ware.
This private sale will take place Saturday 10th July 2010 from 2pm -6pm or until items are sold. Call: 5794762 for location details
Based on our previous experiences, we would encourage you to arrive early to get the best offers.
Bring your purse and prepare to smile........

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*SALE alexxx   2010/07/09 23:14
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